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Bayern Munich is a well-known soccer club in the world and it is the most successful soccer club in Germany. It has won 24 champions in Bundesliga, 17 champions in German Cup, 6 German League Cup, 5 German Super Cup and 5 UEFA Champions League. Its emblem has been changed many times, but it is the most famous logo in Germany, even in the world. It is said that about 87% of Germans, 89% of Frenchmen and 75% of Englishmen know about the logo. 

The club has always devoted to charities and offered other soccer clubs which suffer financial crisis and common people who suffer misfortune. In 2013, a city in Germany was hit by serious flood. President of the club declared Bayern Munich would have a friendly game with the local soccer team and all revenue in the game will be given to the flood-stricken people. 

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